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What sets mobile operators’ geolocation data apart?   

In this paper, we explore the value of detailed, multidimensional, real-time geolocation data that has mobile coordinates at the core, and of integrating that data with multiple data sources. We look at the benefits to both mobile operators and their partners – e.g., retailers, marketers, and public agencies. Flexibility in accessing the same data at different granularity levels along time and space axes – e.g., from seasonal to real-time sub-second temporal resolution, or from metropolitan area to meter-level spatial resolution – is crucial in enabling multiple use cases and applications to coexist effectively and support each other.



This is a digital reprint of an interview of JSpectrum's CEO Alfred Ng by the APAC CIO Outlook magazine.  In the interview, Alfred outlines JSpectrum's product vision



Civil Security & Public Safety

in this paper , we discuss why civil security and public safety agencies need a conditional event trigger engine that is capable of automatically fast scan place and time of every active mobile on the network 24x7.   Such engine must be able to  synchronize timelines and correlate events from multiple data sources to discover information that might otherwise be missed. The Engine should be able to performing cross-analysis and correlation.

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