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JSpectrum is the only Location Based Services (LBS) company to provide mobile network operators with a complete suite of location enablers. Our comprehensive one-stop offering spans our proprietary network probes to middleware with API, LBA applications through to smartphone app libraries.

JSpectrum’s commercially proven NetWhere ™ is the only LBS platform which support real-time data decoding and high-velocity stream processing for event trigger with zero latency.  Additionally, we’re able to support state-of-the-art massive location history data storage on Hadoop for machine learning, analytics, and insights.


From Location Based Advertising to profiling to context inference, JSpectrum enables network operators to deliver cutting-edge contextual information and services based on users’ previous and current location, at the exact time it matters most.  This is the power of Where and When.


JSpectrum passively harnesses the rich, but transient signaling data flowing into the network and transforms this data into new revenue streams.

More than ever, contextual interaction is changing how users interact and how they shop, play, travel, discover and learn.  JSpectrum's gives mobile operators the edge.











Alfred Ng, Founder and CEO, is a tenacious technology entrepreneur with decades of experience in the telecom industry. Before JSpectrum, Alfred held senior positions in Hong Kong Telecom and Cable & Wireless in London. 


In 1994, jointly with Telia of Finland, Alfred co-founded a GSM network company  P-Plus in Hong Kong (now part of SmarTone).  Alfred was an appointed member of the Hong Kong Government's OFTA Radio Spectrum Consultative Committee and was the elected Vice President of the Mobile Services Group for the Communication Association of Hong Kong. 


In 2001, Alfred co-founded JSpectrum Software. Alfred leads JSpectrum's R&D programs to aim at expanding network-based and device-based Human Activity Recognition. 


A Chartered Engineer, Alfred is a member of the IET and IEEE, a BSc in Physics from King's College London, an MSEE from University College London, and MBA from London's Bayes Business School..


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Eric Yung, Founder and CTO.  is an engineer extraordinaire in software architecture design. In his 20 years of works in distributed systems, Eric has earned a resounding reputation for his excellent coding for carrier-grade software.


Specifically, Eric possesses 20 years of experience in cellular location-based systems based on 3GPP 2G, 3G, LTE, and 5G, eight years of experience in big data, cloud environment, and container deployment.

Eric's extensive LBS career brings JSpectrum a depth and breadth of knowledge rarely seen in the industry. Across high-performance system architectural design, artificial intelligence, and networks, he inspires a high level of confidence in our customers. His expertise is very much sought-after globally.


Before co-founding JSpectrum in 2001, Eric was systems engineering with PCCW IP TV. Eric earned his MSc in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 






Our Journey
So Far

2001 -2005

During the late 90's two experienced and enterprising telecommunications engineers, Alfred Ng and Eric Yung predicted ‘location as a service' would become a powerful and essential requirement for mobility. Mobile  networks generated rich, untapped data and big data platforms could help create new revenue streams by using signalling data in clever ways.


The pair successfully attracted funding from Hong Kong SAR Government's Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF) and in 2001 JSpectrum was created.  During the first phase of our history, we achieved the following milestones

  • Developed  Network Measurement Reports (NMR) based positioning algorithms using neural network. 

  • Developed a middleware using MLP3.1

  • Developed the first NetProbe (E1) for A-interface monitoring

  • First commercial Trial of Location Trigger Ad Campaign with CSL

  • Conducted a series of Pilot Trial of Passive LBS With SmarTone

  • Developed first SS7 MAP-based Location Polling

  • Won a tender from DTAC (Thailand) for a Location Based Hotspot SMS System



  • Received Order from SingTel for a  Pilot Location Based Ad System

  • Received Order from HKT for WiFi Location System

  • Launched NetProbe for IuCS and IuPS

  • Delivered MLP 3.2, NetProbe (SIGTRAN) HA & OSS

  • Won a multi-million dollar Tender for a Network Wide LBS System from SingTel

  • Entered a 3-year Revenue Sharing Agreement with SmarTone for LBS Advertising.  JSpectrum contributed software and support service.


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