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NetGarde is a suite of Geofence and Tracking API and SDK for smartphone apps and enterprise applications.

NetGarde is a suite of API for smartphone apps and enterprise applications. It enable users to 

  • Setup personalized geofences. e.g. school compounds, fleet depots. 

  • Schedule days and times for geofence monitoring. Regular and ad hoc time schedules are accepted. 

  • Personalized alert levels and message for each geofence event 

  • Based on permission: tracker can locate trackees in realtime, mobile devices within close-user groups. 

  • Review location reports in recent weeks, 

  • To protect privacy, NetGarde comes with an explicit permission-seeking and granting management function 

NetGarde supports the use of hybrid positioning technology, namely, 3GPP network-based positioning as well as smartphone location services of Andriod and iOS which include cell ID, GPS and WiFi capability.

Our next version of NetGarde for family care applications will be based on interactive messaging with No-UI design.  Interactions between users and app servers will be transparent and conversational.    For further reference please see

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