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NetAd is an end-to-end business system for mobile network operators to generate revenue streams from Location Based Advertising

NetAd™ is a location-centric Campaign Manager web GUI management system for advertisers and agencies. Its web GUI supports mobile network operators to manage location-based messaging campaigns in specific areas, districts, tourism hotspots, shopping centers, large-scale event venues, and local communities across cities nationwide. 

NetAd offers a set of functionality for campaigns management: 

  • Campaign Creation: Setting up geofencing on the digital map GUI, define contact policy, message quota; 

  • Campaign Message Creation: Compose SMS, MMS messages, Interactive SMS; Message sequencing for each part of the customer journey. 

  • Campaign Scheduling: Start and End time and date; set start-stop sessions for the daily campaigns. 

  • Campaign Reporting: verification on the number of messages sent; online reporting, CSV report, and campaign analytics download. 

  • Precision Targeting: Support Composite Event Triggers, Conditional Triggers ( for example, weather and traffic conditions); 

  • Location Profiling: NetAd supports targeting based on different user profiles. For example, targeting based on where they live, work, and lifestyles. For privacy protection, NetAd location profiling uses k-anonymity, encryption and, obfuscation. 

  • Advertising Inventory: NetAd offers visualization of historical data using heat maps which can reveal patterns or relative concentrations in different areas at different times of the day, days of the weeks. 

  • Account & User Management: NetAd features corporate accounts and user management, workflow and approval, rate plans, prepaid and postpaid credits control for advertisers. 

Campaign Lifecycle 

  • Campaign Planning: Where, What, When and Who; View target area traffic & budget-inventory: messaging quota; 

  • Campaign Creation: After a campaign set up using the NetAd GUI, the campaign files containing the parameters and configurations, including the spatial-temporal trigger conditions, will be stored in the NetAd server until the time is right for uploading it to NetWhere for execution. 

  • Running Campaigns: A scheduler in NetAd will read each campaign files regularly and consolidate all geofenced locations for NetWhere to execute a series of filtering and processing. • When the campaign starts, NetWhere ST will stream the matched events to a series of conditional filters. These filters include the Contact policy Module and the Throughput Control Module. The modules will ensure each target customer will not receive ad messages more than the contact policy allow. 

  • Throughput ControlModule will also control the maximum allowable message throughput (TPS) for a particular ad client and ensure no campaigns will consume more resources than allocated. 

  • Hot Reporting: During the runtime, the campaign owner can view the up-to-minute reports and the number of messages sent. 

  • End-of-Campaign Reporting: When a campaign ends, the campaign owner can view the campaign report online or download it for further analysis 

System Integration 

NetAd Campaign Manager integrates with the following network elements nodes: 

  • NetWhere SpaceTime

  • SMSC, MMSC via SMPP Gateway; 

  • OAM: Alarm and Monitoring Systems 

  • Connectivity to MNO's Business Intelligence and CRM system via NetAd API 

  • Connectivity to other platforms such as Coupon Redemption Platform; Infomercial and gamification platforms 

NetAd is Business-ready 

NetAd, with its rich account management features and system integration API, is business-ready for your mobile location targeting business. 

Operators can create new data analytic products for marketing and business planners. For example, reports on demographic profiling of places, footfall measurements, people counting, movement analysis, and visitors' dwell time in shopping malls.

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