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NetSteam 3GPP

NetStream 3GPP is a purpose-built data capture and decoding software

To harness network signaling metadata in real-time 24x7, JSpectrum offers NetStream 3GPP. NetStream passively captures and decodes signalling data that flow between network nodes. At each MSC/MME and AMF site, metadata are captured, decoded, aggregated, and ingested into the NetWhere SpaceTime platform for event processing. 

A Mobile Network operator typically operates an OSS system for network performance KPI monitoring. OSS processing requires event correlation to obtain higher-order performance parameters. Event waiting time can cause significant latency and packet drops. NetStream 3GPP captures data fully - 100% with no packet loss data. Decoding is performed immediately with zero latency. This capability is especially critical for real-time services in 5G applications. 

Whereas an OSS is for off-line analysis and troubleshooting, NetStream supports revenue-generating and mission-critical services with high system availability and zero downtime. Decoding of 2G, 3G and LTE network stacks NetStream 3GPP first passively decodes useful signalling messages from the SIGTRAN Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) link layer. It then further filters and decodes the extracted data based on an applicable 3GPP signalling stack in real-time: 

  • 2G : A-interface, SS7 MAP G, D, E Gs 

  • 3G : IuCS, IuPS, SIGTRAN / SS7 MAP G, D, E, Gs • 

  • LTE : SGs (CSFB), S1-MME, S6, SGi -AAA 

NetStream 3GPP is an affordable network appliance with a centralized GUI OAM for maximum operational visibility. It requires the following pre-requisites for implementation: 

  • Access to physical interface lines via optical splitters at the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF). 

  • Packet Broker with Aggregation TAP for data filtering and line concentration. 

  • Commodity Standalone Server: Each server is able to support up to 1.5M subscribers. 

• 2 x Intel Xeon Platinum 2.6G, 32C/64T 64GB RAM 

• 2 x 600GB SAS 12Gbps 10k HD storage 

• Quad Port 10GbE SFP+ for redundant OAM and data traffic IP connections 

• 2 x Intel X710 Quad Port 10GbE SFP+ Adapter, PCIe Full Height for data capture; supporting up to 4 x 10G link capture • 4 x 10G IP links - 2 for data traffic and 2 for connection to the central OAM unit 

JSpectrum has perfected a light-weight data sourcing solution to support trigger based LBS and event-based profiling. Our solution has passed stringent stress test and audits conducted by customers including the direct comparison with results captured by Protocol Analyzer. 

NetStream has been in full commercial deployment for over ten years, With NetStream 3GPP, mobile network operators will no longer need to be dependent on OSS vendors. and can reclaim the ownership of their network signalling data for value-add service creation.

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